The American Religious Sounds Project (ARSP) Gallery features curated digital exhibits about religious sound produced between 2014 and 2022. Some of these exhibits were created by award grantees and other scholarly contributors, based on their academic research. Others were developed by ARSP staff members, organized around materials from the ARSP’s extensive archive of audio recordings. Collectively, they explore religion as an audibly complex social, political, environmental, and embodied phenomenon and ask us to consider how our understanding of religion in America changes when we begin by listening.

Photos by Lauren Pond (left, center) and Ada Matusiewicz (right)

Collaborator Exhibits

Exhibits produced in partnership with scholars across North America

Coptic Women Sing Too

by Dr. Carolyn Ramzy

The Pink and Purple Church in the Castro

by Dr. Lynne Gerber, Dr. Siri Colom, & Ariana Nedelman

Mennonite Voices

by Dr. Katie Graber

Religion Off The Cuff

by Dr. Christopher D. Cantwell

ARSP Archive

Exhibits highlighting themes from the ARSP’s extensive collection of audio recordings

Krampus Walk

By Lauren Pond

Drink of the Gods

By Lauren Pond

Mobile Ministry

By Lauren Pond

Orthodox Lenten Dinner

By Lauren Pond

Sounds of the Christmas Season

By Lauren Pond and Dr. Isaac Weiner

Travel Ban Protest

By Lauren Pond & Dr. Isaac Weiner


By Dr. Amy DeRogatis

Singing HU

By Lauren Pond
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